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AB Mekatek

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Québec - Canada

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Jacques GAUTHIER, technical manage from AB Mekatek created this request for proposal 2015/12/17 14:26:03

new maket for our compagny

Since it’s foundation in 1981, by Joseph Bonanno, A.B. Mekatek inc. has become a key player in the design and fabrication of tools and dies.

It’s in 1998 that A.B. Mekatek inc. bought its first CNC machine and started to fabricate all its punches & die components so that they are fully interchangeable. Soon after it acquired its second CNC and increases its fabrication facilities from 7,500 sq. ft. to 10,600 sq. ft.

In 2001 Michel Shank who has been with the company from the beginning became a partner, and serves as the vice president of the company.nterchangeable.

In constant evolution the company continually invests in new equipments with the latest technology and in 2001 expands once again its facilities from 10,600 sq. ft. to 15,500 sq. ft.

In 2002 A.B. Mekatek inc. started to export its tools & dies to different parts of the United States.

In 2007 it penetrated the Mexican market, and in turn to accommodate the increase in work had to invest in bigger equipment and increase its fabricating facilities.

In 2010 A.B. Mekatek inc. added to its line of try out presses a 550 tons punch press.

Today A.B Mekatek inc. occupies a surface of 22,000 sq. ft. and when you will check out our list of equipment you will know what we can handle, small to big tooling projects.